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Supporting Local: How can we all make an impact

Supporting local small business just makes sense. As small business owners we feel it is important to do our part to support the Durham and surrounding communities. Each of these entrepreneurs have invested time, money, and effort in making the Durham community a better place for all of us to live. We love networking and supporting other small businesses whenever we get a chance. Most of our staff choices to purchase gifts for all occasions from small business owners here in Durham. Our design manager Stephanie shared “I just feel as the gift I am giving has more meaning when it is directly supporting another community member here in Durham. Also, normally the item is well made and more creative than a mass marketed product.” We as shop owners want this principal to also apply to where we source our fresh flowers and plants.

We as a team at Floral Dimensions buy a lot of our product from local growers during their growing season. The relationships we foster are so valuable and we benefit from new contacts, new ideas and a better, fresher product. Our Designer’s choice designs during spring, summer and fall almost always feature product from right here in Durham. We buy locally all year long with a variance of different products that are available to us. Our Summer Fresh Design is a great example it has a plethora of flowers purchased from our local farmers and it definitely one of our favorites to design.

According to the National Resource Defense Council, buying local helps reduce pollution, improve the quality of our air and health. It has so many benefits including reducing waste, increasing income within our region and supporting the dreams of entrepreneurs. Large national businesses are growing in both numbers and employment totals at rates much faster than those of smaller businesses. Thought processes are often that working for a large cooperation (while we do love them for many reasons) is more glamorous than working for a small community based company. We feel it is an honor for ourselves and our employees to have relationships with our clients and the time and space to care for our clients and employees as if they are family. Often working in a small business can give the creative space to explore new ideas and the support to grow in many areas of professional development. Providing employment and growth opportunities for our staff is of vital importance to us. They are our family not just a number.

When we buy local, our money stays local, and it strengthens the local economy in two ways. First, buying local keeps money circulating within the local economy. Studies have shown that local businesses recirculate a greater share of every dollar as they create locally owned supply chains and invest in their employees. We source and acquire as much of our product as we can right here in the Durham, Hurdle Mills and Raleigh area. Lots of our plants are also bought from farms that have been in business for well over 40 years thanks to being supported by local shops like ours. Not only do we receive fresher and better product, we have the benefit of all the friendship and support we give to each other. Our in house planted Succulent gardens and European Gardens are always filled with plants that have primarily come from our local area.

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So, the next time you are thinking of purchasing something for your home or a gift for a friend. Take a moment to consider buying from a local, small business. Then, you are also supporting a dream, or a child taking horse back riding lessons or a parent sending their child off to college. Sure, the price may be a tish more than a big box store but the customer service, community impact and better quality product definitely make it worthwhile. We so appreciate all the support our Durham Community has given us over the 35 years we have been in business. It has and will continue to be our honor to serve our clients as we express their feelings through gifts and sentiments filled with local flowers and plants.

Warm regards,
The Team at Floral Dimensions
Bea, Stephanie, Jose, Scott, Caitlin, Jane, Suzy and Susan 🙂