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Sansevieria: 6 reasons you should own a Snake Plant

Here at the flower shop in Durham, we love our snake plants.  We love it so much that we’ve made a list of all the reasons we love it and should immediately put down your phone, come to store and get one (or order one online).

So welcome to our first listicle as the cool kids like to call it: 6 reasons you should own a Snake Plant

  • The Snake Plant has an official name: Sanseveria. It’s actually a wide genus (a fancy word for type of plant species) that includes many different tyes of spiral leaves and color.
  • It’s great for decorating. If you have a tricky space you need to fill, a snake plant is uniquely qualified to fill that job. It looks great in an empty corner, and various sizes and colors in which a sanseveria is available provide depth and texture to otherwise drab and visually uninspiring places. Plus, it’s a great way to create a modern minimal look.
  • Snake Plants are eco friendly. if you’re the type that loves to keep the lights off, live in a drought prone area, like to save water, a snake plant solves all your house plant needs. It thrives in low light and with very little water. (BONUS: They’re easy to care for)
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Our beautiful 4 foot snake plant is available to purchase from our online store. Click the image to head see all our plants.

  • Snake plants come in all sizes: if you live in a tiny house, and have a small window sill or a palatial mansion, and need to fill a space in front of a tall narrow window, there’s a snake plant for you. Here at the flower shop in Durham, NC we have snake plants that range from a few inches to over 4 feet tall. You can shop them here.
  • Sanseveria cleans your house for you! While it won’t fold the laundry or do the dishes, sources laud the sometimes succulent for its abilities to clean the air and recommends wait high plants for best results. It absorbs toxins and impurities through its leaves and gives off pure oxygen.  So if you need some fresh air, but are stuck inside, the snake plant might be part of your answer!
  • Finally, it’s whimsically multifaceted: the plant also called Viper’s Bowstring Hemp because it’s very strong fibers have been used to make bowstrings. So if you find yourself in a pickle and need some strong string, look no further than that snake plants in your north facing window. 
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One of our smaller snake plants, which can purchase by visiting our store at 3401 University Drive in Durham, NC, or buy purchasing as part of larger set online. Click the image to see Urban Collection.