Plants that Enhance Your Life

We’ve blown way past day 100 of this COVID adventure we find ourselves on and our houses are in need of some new scenery. Happily, plants can easily enhance the texture of a room, and thus your life! they can brighten up our quarantine lives, and make our homes a little more beautiful and quarantine a little more bearable.  Here’s a quick list of our favorites.

Peace Lily cleans the air

Many times, Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii) is often thought of a sympathy plant. But while it’s simple green leaves and beautiful white flowers bring comfort in times of sadness, the plant also functions as an air purifier. Peace Lily has been known to help reduce mold spores and increase humidity in a dry space. They’re great in open shade, and enjoy some water every so often. We usually have several in the store, and you can explore them on our online store. They sell out fast though, so if you want one, it’s best to order it sooner rather than later (but don’t worry- we get more quickly as well)!

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English Ivy removes toxic Benzene

English Ivy (Hedera Helix) is a beautiful trailing vine. Colorful in the fall outdoors, it can hang out indoors as a plant in a north facing window. A trailing vine, it can grace a wall or door frame with beautiful old world elegance. Additionally, Nasa’s clean air study suggests that in large quantities, English Ivy can remove benzene and other toxic chemicals from the air. If you’re interested in acquiring an English Ivy for your home, call the store today and we can help you locate one or order one for you. Contactless delivery and curbside pick up means you don’t have to wait for quarantine to be over, or come into a store if that’s not your preference.


Rosemary for health

3rd on out list of plants that enhance your life is Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)! In the culinary world, its leaves are a  great source of iron, calcium and b-6. In the house, rosemary likes a sunny window and slightly dry soil. Outside, it likes a sunny spot with soil that drains easily. The fragrance is  bright happy scent that lifts spirits and possibly helps with mood enhancement and memory. It roots easily as well- so cut a stem, keep it in water until rooted and then gift it to people you love.


Lavendar for natural pest repellant

Lavender (lavendula)  is a perpetually elegant plant that never goes out of style. It’s a natural bug repellant that looks good in a pot or in the ground. It loves sunny, sandy, well drained soil. It has soothing, nerve calming qualities, and helps some people sleep. In it’s culinary form, lavendar has a beautiful soft floral flavor that take takes lemondae from good to amazing. It winters well in doors and makes a beautiful scented addition to any home, especially during our extended at home.

Ferns offer moisture and classic beauty

Last on our list of plants that enhance your life is the ever classic fern. Ferns come in many varieties, but here at the store, we love the birds nest fern. Ferns add slight humidity to dry spaces. In the summer they make a front porch inviting and welcoming. A true jungle plant, a fern likes rich, moist organic soil. They do great here in the south, and they’ll make you smile when ever you walk past them. You don’t want to miss out on this beautiful plant. We have them often at the store, so call and order yours asap!

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