Durham Hotel Wedding

We were thrilled to design for a beautiful Durham rooftop hotel wedding. Amy and Chris got married in the fall, at the Durham Hotel, and it was a modern and spectacular wedding. Sean True was kind enough to share some of his images of the day with us.

Stephanie created a modern green and white palette to compliment Amy’s minimal modern wedding look, and she knocked it out of the park. Because the wedding was on the rooftop, Amy went with some simple green and white altar pieces, and a green and white bouquet for herself. Several modern blooms like Ranunculus, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Dahlias, and Dusty Miller helped set the tone for the wedding style.

Altar Pieces were a beautiful addition, and continued the green and white wedding color palette. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Anemones, green hydrangea and Ranunculus created a dramatic and lush effect to the altar pieces. They accented the incredible view from the roof of the Durham Hotel, and set the tone in terms of a formality. In addition, a remembrance bouquet were a quiet and beautiful expression of love for honoring the memories of loved ones no longer with them.


Finally, the green and white wedding palette accented the portraits. Big lush bouquets are always showstoppers and provide some texture and depth to portraits,, but there’s something about a bouquet that compliments portraits and doesn’t get in the way of emotions. Amy’s bouquet definitely accomplishes this goal.



If you’ve liked seeing our work, please explore our wedding work and learn more about what it’s like to work with us here.

Finally, this beautiful Durham Hotel wedding was made possible not just by Amy and Chris, but by all the wonderful vendors they commissioned to help make their day possible. I

Planner: Beauty & the Budget Events

Officiant: Magical Weddings

Cake: Miel Bon Bon

Florist: Floral Dimensions

DJ: Brian McGuire Sound Productions

Entertainment: Arthur Murray Durham

HMUA: Bella Trio

Flower Recycling

You’ve had a big party- maybe a corporate event or wedding or anniversary party. The drinks flowed, the food was good, people were merry, and the floral arrangements were stunning. When it was all over, you had a TON of flowers left over, even after a few guests took some home. Waste isn’t ideal, and throwing them away doesn’t seem like the best option. But there’s a non waste solution!

Durham Florist, Birds nest fern, Asplenium nidus, Floral Dimensions at Academy Court, Durham NC Florists, floral recycling

Birds Nest Ferns will be back soon!   Order yours today for Spring and Summer

Cue the up and coming floral recycling trend!

Here at the studio, we have a ton of Durham weddings and corporate events all the time, and we happily deliver and set up floral installments all over Durham and Chapel Hill. Many time, for a nominal fee, we’ll come back and bring the arrangements back to the store.

We also love when clients come in and bring back all their vases to the store. This keep glass out of landfills and off the street, and we put credits on clients accounts when they bring them in.

If you’d like your arrangements to go to a great cause, read on for another option for you to consider in endeavor to avoid unnecessary waste.

First is a beautiful local organization- The Flower Shuttle. Like us, The Flower Shuttle believes that everyone should have some beauty in their life, and they focus on creating arrangements for people in poverty, living with terminal illness, or who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford flowers. Based in the Moravian Church in Raleigh, using the service is free, and a donation is always welcome. The Flower Shuttle is a true gem, and they provide an invaluable service to an important part of our community.

The Cookery, Durham Florist, Floral Recycling, summer wedding, spring wedding, modern white wedding bouquet


Next, if you’re an avid gardener and you’ve purchased plants from us or other stores, at some point you’ve found yourself awash in plastic gardening containers. While they can sometimes be reused for a season or two, at some point, they start cracking and breaking. When this happens, consider using the Agricultural Plastics Recycling Program. There’s a drop off location at the State Farmers Market in Raleigh and the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market in Greensboro. The best part is that you shake off the plastics and donate. There’s no need to wash, or package in special way.

Finally, if you have plants that are unwanted or grown too big for their space, you can bring well cared for, thriving plants to our store and we’ll take them off you hands and find new homes for them. We love when people bring us plants and don’t let them die.

Happy Recycling Durham!

european garden


You need to put some plants on your desk.

Monday, January 13th is national clean off your desk day! Not only is it a great day to thank your desk for a great 2019 and discarding things that don’t spark joy, a la Mari Kondo, its also a great time to replace clutter with beautiful uplifting plants.

But first, we need to clean off that desk.

cluttered desk, best plants for desk, office plants, durham florist,

Youre not alone if youre staring down a giant pile of paper.

Basic tips for decluttering a desk:

  1. Less is more. Keep essential stuff, but if you need to keep track of other papers, take a picture of scan them all into a PDF and let them live digitally on your computer or phone.
  2. Throw away dead pens, lame pencils, and anything that isn’t helpful. A good rule of thumb is that if you havent seen it or used it for 6 months, don’t hang onto it.
  3. Need to donate some stuff from your desk? Pack into a box, and send it to goodwill via Give Back Box. We’ve used it, it’s amazing. Trust us.
  4. Put plants on your desk to keep clutter away!

Best Plants for your desk

The best plants for you desk are low maintenance low needs plants. Plants that tolerate shade and need little water make great desk plants. At Floral Dimensions, we really love succulents, and we currently have a wide selection of aloe vera in the shop!

Aloe Vera (barbadensis miller)

Aloe Vera is a great plant. It’s a beautiful peaceful shade of green, and it loves to be neglected. Put it in a little slate bowl, or pair it with echevarria or a tall succulent, and it’ll gracefully keep clutter away from the wherever you put it. It will also come in handy when you get a paper cut. Pull off a little tip and rub it on the cut for a natural antispetic.  We currently have a lot of aloe vera in the store, and you can buy one plant or build your own succulent bow. We’d love to meet you in the store. aloe vera, best plants for your desk, clean of your desk 2020, durham florist

Cactus (Cactaceae)

Cactus is one of the most underrated plants around. But if you’re a busy on the go individual, and need a low key plant experience, the humble but colorful cactus loves to be neglected. It likes moderate light and very little water, and it will lend a modern airy feel to your desk, signaling to coworkers and clients alike that you’re outside the box thinker who is going places. You can order a cactus dish garden here.

catctus dish garden, durham florist, best office plants, clean off your desk 2020

Orchids (Phaeleonipsis)

Finally, we also love flowers. While they’re a more temporary option, there’s some great choices that last a long time. And for a long lasting desk bloom, the choice is obvious: Orchids. The long lasting blooms are great for a statement piece, and add a pop of color to a space that needs it. They’re a low maintenance plant, but if you want to putter about with a plant, you can coax it to bloom againCall the store to order and orchid.

Durham Florist, pink orchid, Floral Dimensions at Academy Court, Durham NC Florists


If you’re looking for more options for you new clean desk, click here.

Durham Wedding Style: The Cotton Room

Happy New Year from Floral Dimensions!

We’re excited to start out 2020 by sharing some beautiful images from Michael Escobar Photography of a beautiful Durham Wedding at the Cotton Room.  We were pleased to design the wedding florals for this fall wedding and we loved how they came out.

For starters, the color palette was a beautiful deep red color accented by beautiful greenery.  Red anemones, succulents, amaranthus and eucalyptus made up the bridal bouquet. It looked amazing in the overhang outside the cotton room by the railroad tracks.

The bridesmaids bouquets were lush and luxe in their own right, featuring purple and maroon dahlias, some green hydrangea, and the same beautiful red anemones.


The groomsmen and ring bearer continued the red floral design elements by sporting red roses with eucalyptus in their boutonnieres.


Durham Cookery, Bridal Bouquet, Durham Wedding, Durham Florist,

Photos by Michael Escobar Photography

Stephanie, Caitlin, and Jose out did themselves when it came to ceremony floral design. Using a lush minimal inspiration, they designed a rustic ceremony installation of vintage shutter doors, and decorated with dramatic, hanging red amaranthus, the deep red and purple dahlias, and silver dollar eucalyptus among the greenery. They lined the chairs with simple sprigs of eucalyptus to complete the minimal look. Combined with the lights in the twined balls hanging from the ceiling at the Cotton Room, with its long and airy white drapes, the effect was beautiful. The filtered light created a beautiful modern minimal atmosphere, perfect for a fall wedding.

As we move into the reception, our non floral centerpieces took the cake. Caitlin submerged curly willow in tall cylinders filled with water, topped off with a large tea votive and they looked amazing under the dimmed lights of the reception. Other tables included greenery and succulents, and the ceremony centerpiece became a focal point for the lounge area at the reception.

We were so glad to have our wedding floral designs be part of the beautiful modern Durham wedding at the cotton room. If you liked looking at our work, check us out on Instagram and Facebook. We’d love to get to know you and hear about your wedding plans. Use the contact form to schedule a consultation. You can also see more of our wedding work on our wedding page. 


Poinsettias, Queen of Christmas Plants

There’s no doubt that Pionsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) is the undisputed queen of Christmas plants. It’s beautiful red leaves brighten up doorways, and windows during the Christmas season. In our Durham Florist store, Poinsetta is everywhere: on the stairs, lining walls, decorating mantels. It’s put us all in jolly holiday mood and we love seeing it fly out of the store, taking up residence in homes, holiday parties, and offices.

Poinsetta, Christmas PLant, poinsettia care

Not only does Poinsettia a popular Christmas Plant, it also has a fun history:

  • It’s native to Mexico, where it’s called Flor de la Nochebuena.
  • It’s actually a shrub.
  • It’s also a perennial!
  • Poinsettia is named after Joel Paul Roberts who was a botanist and diplomat in Mexico.
  • It’s available in different colors!
  • You can keep it alive year round! (Read on!)

Poinsettia, Durham Florist, Christmas Plant,

Year Round Poinsettia Care:

Don’t toss your Poinsettias after Christmas! They make beautiful long term house plants. Here’s a few easy tips to keep them going all year long.

First,  don’t over water them. They like to be on the dry side.
Secondly, Poinsettia’s like light and warmth. But be forewarned, the fireplace isn’t a great place to place your plants.
Next, if you want to keep your poinsettia year round, House Beautiful recommends you prune in April to 4 inches, and keep it in a cool place and repot in May. Another great source for information is
Finally, if you live in gardening zones 10, 11, or 12, poinsettias can be planted outdoors. Learn more about Gardening Zones in the US here.

Durham FLorists, Poinsettia, Christmas PLant

Buy the best Poinsettia you can!

Not all growers are the same. If you can buy your poinsettia from a grower, we highly recommend that. It will come to you fresh, at the height of it’s maturity and grown with care. If you don’t have access to a grower, and you live near Durham, NC, we warmly invite you out to our Durham Florist store! We have beautiful 24 inch tall poinsettias in Red and White, and we’d love to show them to you. We get them from local NC growers, who take great pride in growing the freshest and most organic plants they can. We’d love to meet you in the store at 3401 University Drive, Durham.

Happy Holidays! 



Sansevieria: 6 reasons you should own a Snake Plant

Here at the flower shop in Durham, we love our snake plants.  We love it so much that we’ve made a list of all the reasons we love it and should immediately put down your phone, come to store and get one (or order one online).

So welcome to our first listicle as the cool kids like to call it: 6 reasons you should own a Snake Plant

  • The Snake Plant has an official name: Sanseveria. It’s actually a wide genus (a fancy word for type of plant species) that includes many different tyes of spiral leaves and color.
  • It’s great for decorating. If you have a tricky space you need to fill, a snake plant is uniquely qualified to fill that job. It looks great in an empty corner, and various sizes and colors in which a sanseveria is available provide depth and texture to otherwise drab and visually uninspiring places. Plus, it’s a great way to create a modern minimal look.
  • Snake Plants are eco friendly. if you’re the type that loves to keep the lights off, live in a drought prone area, like to save water, a snake plant solves all your house plant needs. It thrives in low light and with very little water. (BONUS: They’re easy to care for)
Durham Florist, spider plant, Floral Dimensions at Academy Court, DUrham NC Florists

Our beautiful 4 foot snake plant is available to purchase from our online store. Click the image to head see all our plants.

  • Snake plants come in all sizes: if you live in a tiny house, and have a small window sill or a palatial mansion, and need to fill a space in front of a tall narrow window, there’s a snake plant for you. Here at the flower shop in Durham, NC we have snake plants that range from a few inches to over 4 feet tall. You can shop them here.
  • Sanseveria cleans your house for you! While it won’t fold the laundry or do the dishes, sources laud the sometimes succulent for its abilities to clean the air and recommends wait high plants for best results. It absorbs toxins and impurities through its leaves and gives off pure oxygen.  So if you need some fresh air, but are stuck inside, the snake plant might be part of your answer!
  • Finally, it’s whimsically multifaceted: the plant also called Viper’s Bowstring Hemp because it’s very strong fibers have been used to make bowstrings. So if you find yourself in a pickle and need some strong string, look no further than that snake plants in your north facing window. 
snake Plant, sanssevieria, mother in law tounge, feng shui plant, durham florist, floral dimensions

One of our smaller snake plants, which can purchase by visiting our store at 3401 University Drive in Durham, NC, or buy purchasing as part of larger set online. Click the image to see Urban Collection.

Welcome to Floral Dimensions!

35 years ago, Bea and Jon Miller, purchased a business in a vintage building in Hope Valley Farms that at one point had been a farm house, and founded Floral Dimensions. Inspired by the beauty of their life in the Netherlands, where they were surrounded by flowers every day, they built one of the oldest and most respected flower shops and businesses in Durham, North Carolina.

DUrham Florists, Durham Wedding Flowers, Hope Valley Farms


Over the years they were joined by some very talented people with expertise in every part of the plant world, from highly respected horticulturalists to accredited award winning floral designers. Today, our highly trained staff includes 3 designers, 2 Durham floral delivery drivers and a sales associate. Our arrangements are sought out by the Washington Duke Inn, The Chancellor of Duke and the best Durham wedding planners. We’ve curated thriving relationships with local growers who send us dozens of bucketfuls of beautiful stems every day. We’re immensely proud of to be on the top of so many must have lists for the swankiest Durham social events.

Our best moments, though, are the ones with the clients who walk into our shop and order flowers for every stage of life. We’ve seen them as they head off on first dates, and pick up floral arrangements before they  head off to propose marriage. We’re there when they plan their weddings, welcome their first grandchild, and when loved ones are no longer with them. We bring beauty, happiness, and comfort to every life event just when people need it, and this is our greatest satisfaction.

Durham Florist- Succulent plant- FLoral Dimensions Durham


There’s a quote that runs around the internet telling us that it’s not work if you do what you love. We recognize that not everyone get the opportunity to do what they love for a living. At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, we understand that it’s a privilege to get out of bed every morning, head into the shop and handcraft beauty and happiness and then send it out to the people of Durham, NC and beyond.

Thank you to all who’ve made this possible.