Supporting Local: How can we all make an impact

Supporting local small business just makes sense. As small business owners we feel it is important to do our part to support the Durham and surrounding communities. Each of these entrepreneurs have invested time, money, and effort in making the Durham community a better place for all of us to live. We love networking and supporting other small businesses whenever we get a chance. Most of our staff choices to purchase gifts for all occasions from small business owners here in Durham. Our design manager Stephanie shared “I just feel as the gift I am giving has more meaning when it is directly supporting another community member here in Durham. Also, normally the item is well made and more creative than a mass marketed product.” We as shop owners want this principal to also apply to where we source our fresh flowers and plants.

We as a team at Floral Dimensions buy a lot of our product from local growers during their growing season. The relationships we foster are so valuable and we benefit from new contacts, new ideas and a better, fresher product. Our Designer’s choice designs during spring, summer and fall almost always feature product from right here in Durham. We buy locally all year long with a variance of different products that are available to us. Our Summer Fresh Design is a great example it has a plethora of flowers purchased from our local farmers and it definitely one of our favorites to design.

According to the National Resource Defense Council, buying local helps reduce pollution, improve the quality of our air and health. It has so many benefits including reducing waste, increasing income within our region and supporting the dreams of entrepreneurs. Large national businesses are growing in both numbers and employment totals at rates much faster than those of smaller businesses. Thought processes are often that working for a large cooperation (while we do love them for many reasons) is more glamorous than working for a small community based company. We feel it is an honor for ourselves and our employees to have relationships with our clients and the time and space to care for our clients and employees as if they are family. Often working in a small business can give the creative space to explore new ideas and the support to grow in many areas of professional development. Providing employment and growth opportunities for our staff is of vital importance to us. They are our family not just a number.

When we buy local, our money stays local, and it strengthens the local economy in two ways. First, buying local keeps money circulating within the local economy. Studies have shown that local businesses recirculate a greater share of every dollar as they create locally owned supply chains and invest in their employees. We source and acquire as much of our product as we can right here in the Durham, Hurdle Mills and Raleigh area. Lots of our plants are also bought from farms that have been in business for well over 40 years thanks to being supported by local shops like ours. Not only do we receive fresher and better product, we have the benefit of all the friendship and support we give to each other. Our in house planted Succulent gardens and European Gardens are always filled with plants that have primarily come from our local area.

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Durham Florist, spider plant, peace lily, small orange flower, Floral Dimensions at Academy Court, Durham NC Florists

So, the next time you are thinking of purchasing something for your home or a gift for a friend. Take a moment to consider buying from a local, small business. Then, you are also supporting a dream, or a child taking horse back riding lessons or a parent sending their child off to college. Sure, the price may be a tish more than a big box store but the customer service, community impact and better quality product definitely make it worthwhile. We so appreciate all the support our Durham Community has given us over the 35 years we have been in business. It has and will continue to be our honor to serve our clients as we express their feelings through gifts and sentiments filled with local flowers and plants.

Warm regards,
The Team at Floral Dimensions
Bea, Stephanie, Jose, Scott, Caitlin, Jane, Suzy and Susan 🙂

Caitlin + Thomas: An initmate gathering with a WOW factor

Weddings with our Team at Floral Dimensions our (Durham, local flowers shop) is always one of our favorites. But, when it is a friend and co-worker it is even more special. Our sweet Caitlin married her love Thomas at the beautiful University Club this past January. The wonderful K.G. photography did an amazing job on all the images. When I asked Caitlin what she would like for her bouquet her response was ” You know what I like and I want it to be big.” Well, I got you there girlie we love big bouquets and this one turned out beautifully. The pink ice protea, garden roses, scabiosa, hanging amaranthus, mini calla and assorted, fun foliages all worked great together to create a stunning bouquet.

Our assistant manager Jose Garcia was determined Caitlin and Thomas would have a flower wall for their ceremony space. He procured, gathered and designed a beautiful piece for their backdrop. The boxwood and magnolia foliages along with open polar star roses and hydrangea were simple, elegant and very effective. The wall is designed with no floral foam as it is better for the environment and chicken wire worked great to hold all the foliages and flowers. The two side pieces of branches, eleaganus and magnolia were a perfect statement along with a candlelight addition to set the mood. Adding a backdrop to any wedding works well to create a focal area for the Bride and Groom. The backdrop also enchances the photos and allows for a great shot. Enchancing the imagery of this wedding can be enjoyed for many years to come.

The reception at The University Club was filled with candlelight, flowers and special memories. With a simple, classic style the centerpieces and candlelight brought the main dining space at the UC club to life. A mixture of Tall Centerpieces of foliages and hanging amaranthus along with lower pieces highlighting Pink Ice protea worked wonderfully to create an interesting and finished look. Candlelight along the window sills and on the tables made the room feel warm and inviting.

The show stopper at the reception was definitely the Focal Table under the chandelier in the center of the space. This technique gives the room a WOW factor and leaves guests with a beautiful memory of the flowers. This elevated statement piece designed on a glass floating table surrounded by candlelight and votives added such a POP to the room. The combination of texture gave it a feeling of romance perfect for the space and the couple.

I love all weddings. They have always been my favorite thing to design but I will say this one was definitely at the top of my list. The freedom to design along with a client who we all love made it just perfect. Click to check out our A La Carte menu for your intimate wedding. We are here to assist with any of your Durham or Triangle wedding needs large or small. All the linens and lounge items were from American Party Rentals here in Durham. They are so great to work with.

Bromeliads: Their benefits and attributes

Durham Florist, Bromeliad, Floral Dimensions at Academy Court,

We all know bromeliads are a wonderful way to add color to an otherwise lack luster interiorscape. They have bright flowers and gorgeous foliage that will provide a wonderful splash of color for months at a time. And with over 3,100 different species of bromeliads, you are sure to find the perfect color, size, and shape to complement your plantscaping design. Did you know Bromeliads have even more benefits than just their pretty face?

The Bromeliad Benefit

1. Drought Resistance
One of the biggest mistakes made with this plant is over-watering, which leads to rotting roots. Bromeliads are very tolerant and require less care than other houseplants. Their tropical nature and fabulous color make them a must have.

2. Improved Air Quality
Scientific research shows that bromeliads can improve indoor air quality in the late afternoons. While most indoor plants purify the air during the day, bromeliads release oxygen and remove air pollutants during the night. The Plants for Clean Air Council suggests that when combined with foliage plants, bromeliads can help provide around-the-clock indoor air purification. What a better way to bring beauty and healthy benefits to a home or workspace.

3. Tolerant to different lighting conditions
While most bromeliads prefer bright, indirect sunlight or fluorescent office lighting, some species can be quite flexible when it comes to lighting conditions. Nidularium, Vrieseas, and Guzmania all evolved under the vast canopies of tropical rain forests and are able to survive in low light conditions. Most varieties must not be exposed to direct sunlight. A bromeliad is a tropical plant in the pineapple family (the family Bromeliaceae). Some bromeliads are brightly-colored epiphytes, which live on the branches and trunks of rainforest trees. They are quite a fascinating family of plants :).

4. Bromeliads can be container grown
Bromeliads will grow in many types of containers as long as it has good drainage. This can be achieved by using several methods. Rock for drainage or crossed risers to elevate the plants root ball. Growing bromeliads in containers makes for easy maintenance routines, it also effectively contains disease and prevents it from spreading to the rest of your plant display. We love to combine different colors and types to acchieve a beautiful display. Bromeliads can be placed outside during warm summer months but do not expose them to direct sun.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Bromeliads they are one of our favorites at the shop!
#plantsmakepeoplesmile 🙂

White and Blush Duke University Chapel Wedding

We were so please that Kate and Doug chose us to design and excute their Duke University Chapel wedding flowers. It’s always an honor to be part of someone’s wedding, and the trust that couples place in our ability to bring to life their floral plans is priceless.

Doug and Kate’s wedding was the highlight of our season. Kate’s modern bridal bouquet was a compact but luxurious white and green arrangement. Stock, white roses and hydrangea were off set beautiful by the most amazing succulents the market had for us that week. 
Duke University Wedding, Floral Dimensions Durham NC

The grooms boutonniere carried through the modern white theme with simple and elegant spray roses that complimented Doug’s navy blue and blush suit. Duke University Wedding, Floral Dimensions Durham NC

Bridesmaids carried smaller bouquets that showed off their blush gowns, and greenery and succulents made the bouquets really pop. Duke University Wedding, Floral Dimensions Durham NC

The Bridal Portrait in the cloisters of Duke Chapel is amazing. The soft color palette accentuated the detail on the brides gown. Combined with her cathedral veil, the look was a soft and elegant but still formal wedding style.

Duke University Wedding, Floral Dimensions Durham NC


Can we have a quick word about succulents here? We LOVE them for many reasons, but in a wedding bouquet, the primary reason we love them is their hardiness. In the southern summer weddings, flowers might begin to wilt in the heat. A well chosen succulent loves heat. It doesn’t wilt. So if you’re planning a wedding during warmer months, adding a succulent or two to your bridal florals will help them stand up to the heat AND give your florals that minimal modern vibe that’s so popular right now. You won’t regret that choice. Duke University Wedding, Floral Dimensions Durham NC

Moving on to the reception, the couple opted to for tall statement making center pieces. Lush arrangements of hydrangea, greenery and light pink roses helped carry on the blush and modern theme from the ceremony. Duke University Wedding, Floral Dimensions Durham NC

A striking modern and  minimal tall center piece was the perfect balance to the floral center pieces.

Duke University Wedding, Floral Dimensions Durham NC


Finally, the bridesmaids bouquets graced other tables, performing double duty as centerpieces. The light green succulents perfectly complimented the white roses and greenery. 
Duke University Wedding, Floral Dimensions Durham NC
Duke University Wedding, Floral Dimensions Durham NC

If you would like to explore wedding florals with Floral Dimensions, send us a note!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Plants that Enhance Your Life

We’ve blown way past day 100 of this COVID adventure we find ourselves on and our houses are in need of some new scenery. Happily, plants can easily enhance the texture of a room, and thus your life! they can brighten up our quarantine lives, and make our homes a little more beautiful and quarantine a little more bearable.  Here’s a quick list of our favorites.

Peace Lily cleans the air

Many times, Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii) is often thought of a sympathy plant. But while it’s simple green leaves and beautiful white flowers bring comfort in times of sadness, the plant also functions as an air purifier. Peace Lily has been known to help reduce mold spores and increase humidity in a dry space. They’re great in open shade, and enjoy some water every so often. We usually have several in the store, and you can explore them on our online store. They sell out fast though, so if you want one, it’s best to order it sooner rather than later (but don’t worry- we get more quickly as well)!

Durham Florist, peace lily, Floral Dimensions at Academy Court, DUrham Florists

English Ivy removes toxic Benzene

English Ivy (Hedera Helix) is a beautiful trailing vine. Colorful in the fall outdoors, it can hang out indoors as a plant in a north facing window. A trailing vine, it can grace a wall or door frame with beautiful old world elegance. Additionally, Nasa’s clean air study suggests that in large quantities, English Ivy can remove benzene and other toxic chemicals from the air. If you’re interested in acquiring an English Ivy for your home, call the store today and we can help you locate one or order one for you. Contactless delivery and curbside pick up means you don’t have to wait for quarantine to be over, or come into a store if that’s not your preference.


Rosemary for health

3rd on out list of plants that enhance your life is Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)! In the culinary world, its leaves are a  great source of iron, calcium and b-6. In the house, rosemary likes a sunny window and slightly dry soil. Outside, it likes a sunny spot with soil that drains easily. The fragrance is  bright happy scent that lifts spirits and possibly helps with mood enhancement and memory. It roots easily as well- so cut a stem, keep it in water until rooted and then gift it to people you love.


Lavendar for natural pest repellant

Lavender (lavendula)  is a perpetually elegant plant that never goes out of style. It’s a natural bug repellant that looks good in a pot or in the ground. It loves sunny, sandy, well drained soil. It has soothing, nerve calming qualities, and helps some people sleep. In it’s culinary form, lavendar has a beautiful soft floral flavor that take takes lemondae from good to amazing. It winters well in doors and makes a beautiful scented addition to any home, especially during our extended at home.

Ferns offer moisture and classic beauty

Last on our list of plants that enhance your life is the ever classic fern. Ferns come in many varieties, but here at the store, we love the birds nest fern. Ferns add slight humidity to dry spaces. In the summer they make a front porch inviting and welcoming. A true jungle plant, a fern likes rich, moist organic soil. They do great here in the south, and they’ll make you smile when ever you walk past them. You don’t want to miss out on this beautiful plant. We have them often at the store, so call and order yours asap!

Durham Florist, Birds nest fern, Asplenium nidus, Floral Dimensions at Academy Court, Durham NC Florists




Floral Dimensions COVID-19 Update

EDIT: Floral Dimensions has made the difficult decision to close to the public. This has been a hard week of adulting, where we have to look hard at the facts of our current situation, and make difficult choices. Bringing beauty, comfort, hope and happiness to durham is our mission. It’s why we get out of bed in the morning. So when we made the choice to close, it was one of the hardest things we’ve done in recent memory, and we’re 35 years into this floral business. We’re going to miss the faces of our regular customers over the next few weeks, and each other.

One of the very best ways you can support our small businesses like ours is through the purchase of a gift certificate. Gift certificates are available by emailing Bea, our owner at


Here at Floral Dimensions we’re settling into the new rhythms of a small business in Durham, NC weathering COVID-19. That means disinfecting, playing catch up on business in the quiet time, and planning for the future. If we’re being completely honest this is kind of worrisome time. It’s made slightly less daunting by realizing that small businesses everywhere are facing the same issue.

Durham Florist, succulent bowl, jade plant, Floral Dimensions at Academy Court, DUrham Florists

As we move deeper into this season of managing a business in the wake of COVID-19, we’ve made a few adjustments. First we’ve adjusted our hours.
We’ll be open Monday through Friday 9:30-4:30 
We’re open Saturdays 10-1 for deliveries only. 

Through the end of the month, we’re offering 20% off all local delivery orders. You can order online, by phone or email. We highly recommend giving the gift of a plant! We have a beautiful selection of succulents, and birds nest ferns. Make sure to call the shop to order your spring plants. They’ll brighten your quarantine as we all work together to flatten the curve.

Durham Florist, garden box, peace lily, pathos, spider plant, Floral Dimensions at Academy Court, DUrham Florists

We’re looking forward to welcoming the people Durham back to our store soon.


On Small Business and Unsung Heroes

Today we’re thinking about the myriad of unsung heroes among us right now. First responders and medical professionals come to mind, but were also thinking of school custodians disinfecting our classrooms, daycare workers, nursing home caregivers, sanitation workers. Their contributions to this effort go largely unnoticed and unthanked.

If you’re reading this and you’re in the first line of defense, we thank you. You’re helping to flatten the curve. Words dont express well enough our gratitude.

We’re using this time to support each other well and build bonds that will carry us through the next few weeks or months- checking on elderly neighbors, sharing our hand sanitizer and toilet paper, and extending extra kindness and respect to everyone will take us far. We hope that you also find ways to do small things with great impact in this time of intentional slowness. We’re glad that Durham is doing hard things for the benefit of everyone. 

When you have the opportunity, we’d love to invite you to learn more about how you can support small business in Durham and salute those unsung heroes in your life.

WTVD suggests the following ways to support small businesses:

  • Shop online or via phone. While some stores already have online shopping, others will help customers order via phone or FaceTime- gift flowers and other goods to first responders in your life.
  • Buy gift cards to use at a later date to support businesses now, even if you don’t currently need anything-gift them to the people working tirelessly to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Order takeout or delivery and tip the same amount as you would dining in and send it to your exhausted friends in the medical service industry.

We wish everyone the best while we practice social distancing and isolation and we’re excited to welcome you all back to the store soon!


Durham Cookery Wedding Flowers

Here in our Durham NC florist shop, we love a good wedding. One of our favorite things to do is to sit down with engaged couples and help them decide how flowers fit into their wedding planning and how to maximize their effect.

As we ramp back towards wedding season, we’re getting in every kind of blooms into the studio. And today, we’re very excited to share a recent wedding from Will Greene at The Cookery- one of our favorite Durham wedding venues.

Our couple created a beautiful and modern white floral palette, with lillies, hydrangea and freesia in the bouquet. It really popped against the brick walls of the Cookery.

Chair covered by a veil, bouquet of blue lily, white hydrangea, white asiatic lily, and roses, durham wedding florist, the cookery durham, durham nc florist

 calla lily white grooms boutonniere, Wedding bouquet, roses, freesia, greenery bouquet, the durham cookery wedding, durham nc wedding, durham wedding style, durham nc wedding florist, durham nc florist

The minimal white calla lily set against the navy blue and gold stationary makes a bold yet classic statement. Navy blue and white Wedding invitation and rsvp, white lily, the durham cookery wedding, durham wedding florist, durham nc florist

Blue and White hydrangeas in a wedding bouquet create stability and depth for bridal bouquet arrangements.

Wedding bouquet, roses, freesia, greenery bouquet, blue and white hydrangea wedding bouquet, the durham cookery wedding, durham nc wedding, durham wedding style, durham nc wedding florist, durham nc florist

Will Greene is a great photographer and we love how this image can bring together a floral design: this wedding bouquet and boutonniere look fantastic together against the blue suit and purple tie.

Wedding bouquet, roses, freesia, greenery bouquet, the durham cookery wedding, durham nc wedding, durham wedding style, durham nc wedding florist, durham nc florist

The floral arch below was designed and installed by our designer Jose. It looks really great with the green and white palette our couple designed with stephanie.

Bride and groom at the alter, minimal floral arch, white rose and greenery flower arch, the cookery, durham nc wedding, durham nc wedding florist, durham florist

Groom with a white rose boutonniere, the durham cookery wedding, nc wedding florist, nc wedding groomsman,

Our groomsman and ring bearer boutonniere looked great on everyone. We designed it using white spray roses.

boutonniere for ring bearer, groomsman white boutonniere, durham cookery wedding, durham wedding florist, white wedding flowers, modern wedding flowers, fall wedding, summer wedding

Bridesmaids, gold bridesmaids dresses, will greene photograpy, buff bridesmaids dress, champagne bridesmaids dressesWedding bouquet, roses, freesia, greenery bouquet, the durham cookery wedding, durham nc wedding, durham wedding style, durham nc wedding florist, durham nc florist

A neutral champagne gold color we really modern and beautiful, and brought the wedding look together in a simple and elegant way.

Wedding bouquet, roses, freesia, greenery bouquet, the durham cookery wedding, durham nc wedding, durham wedding style, durham nc wedding florist, durham nc florist


white modern bridal bouquet, Wedding bouquet, roses, freesia, greenery bouquet, the durham cookery wedding, durham nc wedding, durham wedding style, durham nc wedding florist, durham nc florist

Wedding bouquet, roses, freesia, greenery bouquet, the durham cookery wedding, durham nc wedding, durham wedding style, durham nc wedding florist, durham nc florist

As we move into the wedding reception, our couple chose to keep it simple with beautiful blue and white hydrangea blooms placed on long farmhouse tables.

Blue and white hydrangea wedding centerpiece Blue and white hydrangea wedding centerpiece Blue and white hydrangea wedding table centerpiece, Wedding bouquet, roses, freesia, greenery bouquet, the durham cookery wedding, durham nc wedding, durham wedding style, durham nc wedding florist, durham nc florist

We’re so glad that we were able to be part of this beautiful wedding day. We are honored that couples place their trust in us to create and bring to life part of one of the most important day of their lives. Its no small honor and we take the privilege seriously.

If you liked seeing these images, we invite you check out the rest of our website, especially our wedding page.

You can learn more about Will Greene here and the Cookery in Durham, NC here.

Women’s Day 2020

International Women’s Day is one of our favorite holidays here at the store. As a woman’ owned business in Durham, NC, there’s nothing that satisfies us more than a day that celebrates the contributions of women to all areas of society.

At the same time that we’re in a truly celebratory mood, we recognize that both here at home and around the world, there’s many women that lack the options and privileges we have. They lack agency, freedom, and equality. And while we acknowledge the contributions of women in our lives and celebrate the progress we’re making towards equality, Women’s Day is also an opportunity to acknowledge that for many women, their day hasn’t arrived yet and we hope for them and with them that it’s coming soon.

We encourage you to learn more about women’s day here.

Here at our small Durham Florist shop, we’re prepping some orders for the day. Stems of roses and lilies and are coming together in beautiful arrangements and we’re excited to see them head out to the people they’re gifted to. We invite you to honor the contributions of women in your life by visiting our online store, donating a cause that supports women’s issues or simply exploring the day itself.


Durham Florist, whhite lily, pink rose, peruvian lily, alstromeria, silver dollar eucalptus, white stock spray,Floral Dimensions at Academy Court, DUrham NC Florists

Click the picture to explore Stylish Arrival in our online store.



Custom Floral Design vs. Floral Packages

Happy almost spring to you all!

Today we’re back to chat about different types of wedding floral packages for your Durham wedding day. Florists are as many as the day is long, and we all have our own unique spin on things, from how we design to delivery policies, to pricing. At Floral Dimensions we’re always doing our best to assure that each couple digging deeply into planning their Durham wedding has options to choose from as they craft their wedding day.

Custom Floral Design

Custom floral design is what we’re what we’re known for on the Durham wedding scene and it’s the most common way to plan your wedding floral arrangements. Working with Bea and Stephanie, brides choose everything from seasonal blooms to colors, size, and quantity.

Custom floral design is best for couples who want complete control over all their options. Couples choosing a custom design also want a variety of different options from rentals, floral arches, and bigger center pieces.

You might choose custom floral if you’re hoping to take your wedding day to the next level and wow your guests and friends with an amazing floral experience at your wedding.

Most of our brides come into the store for consultations with Pinterest boards filled with ideas, and are ready and excited to get started on the process. Others rely on Stephanie’s design expertise. But at the end of the consultation after they book, they leave knowing that their wedding flowers are in the best and most capable hands around.


Custom floral bouquet, durham wedding, durham wedding flowers, durham wedding florist

One of our custom floral bouquets.

Pre Fixe Packages

Our Pre Fixe floral packages are new to the studio and we’re excited to bring them to life and to Durham brides who need them. We’ve designed our pre fixe floral packages for couples who want to choose a preset package and focus their planning energy on the things that are most important to them.

We’ve created three beautiful floral packages for Durham brides that cover a variety of wedding styles. There’s even room to choose colors and match color style palettes. Our pre fixe floral options allow couples to place orders over email, and check wedding flowers off their list. It’s a win for everyone.

We have three packages that cover a variety of styles and couples get to choose quantities and colors to make the process short and sweet. If you’re interested in browsing our packages, you can download our studio guide here..


Wedding floral packages, durham wedding florist, durham florist

A centerpiece from our Classic Elegance Package.


If you like what you’ve seen and read, you can also take a moment to reach out to Bea. She’ll be happy to meet you for a consultation at the store in Durham.  Thanks for reading!