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Bromeliads: Their benefits and attributes

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We all know bromeliads are a wonderful way to add color to an otherwise lack luster interiorscape. They have bright flowers and gorgeous foliage that will provide a wonderful splash of color for months at a time. And with over 3,100 different species of bromeliads, you are sure to find the perfect color, size, and shape to complement your plantscaping design. Did you know Bromeliads have even more benefits than just their pretty face?

The Bromeliad Benefit

1. Drought Resistance
One of the biggest mistakes made with this plant is over-watering, which leads to rotting roots. Bromeliads are very tolerant and require less care than other houseplants. Their tropical nature and fabulous color make them a must have.

2. Improved Air Quality
Scientific research shows that bromeliads can improve indoor air quality in the late afternoons. While most indoor plants purify the air during the day, bromeliads release oxygen and remove air pollutants during the night. The Plants for Clean Air Council suggests that when combined with foliage plants, bromeliads can help provide around-the-clock indoor air purification. What a better way to bring beauty and healthy benefits to a home or workspace.

3. Tolerant to different lighting conditions
While most bromeliads prefer bright, indirect sunlight or fluorescent office lighting, some species can be quite flexible when it comes to lighting conditions. Nidularium, Vrieseas, and Guzmania all evolved under the vast canopies of tropical rain forests and are able to survive in low light conditions. Most varieties must not be exposed to direct sunlight. A bromeliad is a tropical plant in the pineapple family (the family Bromeliaceae). Some bromeliads are brightly-colored epiphytes, which live on the branches and trunks of rainforest trees. They are quite a fascinating family of plants :).

4. Bromeliads can be container grown
Bromeliads will grow in many types of containers as long as it has good drainage. This can be achieved by using several methods. Rock for drainage or crossed risers to elevate the plants root ball. Growing bromeliads in containers makes for easy maintenance routines, it also effectively contains disease and prevents it from spreading to the rest of your plant display. We love to combine different colors and types to acchieve a beautiful display. Bromeliads can be placed outside during warm summer months but do not expose them to direct sun.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Bromeliads they are one of our favorites at the shop!
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